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: Sept 5, 2014


Rawabi Holding company Limited has signed a joint venture agreement with Foothills Resource services inc. of Canada. The Joint venture is named Rawabi foothills company Limited, and it will provide conventional, continuous wireline, and specialty coring services to the saudi market. Read the full news release here.


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Foothills Resource Services has been providing coring services to the oil and gas industry for over forty years.

Based in Western Canada, Foothills has earned a solid reputation for excellence in coring.

We deliver value by consistently improving rates of penetration, maximizing core recoveries and securely retrieving quality cores for enhanced analysis.

Foothills is an innovative leader, designing manufacturing and distributing world standard coring equipment.

We have the best equipment, best people and best procedures to ensure we deliver on each and every core job.

Look a little closer at Foothills and you will find a company that goes the extra mile. Our desire to help every client achieve their goals is engrained into the culture of our company. Find out how Foothills Resource Services can better help you reach your targets.